Throughout most of my adult career, I’ve had to wear multiple hats and cover multiple disciplines to be effective for those organizations. Frustrating this was at times because specialty skills were not getting the nurturing I thought they deserved.

I’ve come to realize however, that specialization can present a artificial ceiling to personal and professional development. Regardless of title or position, we should never put a box around our responsibilities.

In 20 short years I’ve worked in Technical Support, Design & Publishing, Software Development, Marketing, Social Services and even started 3 companies because I threw away the notion of specialization. Jack-of-all trades is a title I now carry with pride and accomplishment. Embracing new, unfamiliar things is now a seasoned mode of operation.

I read an inspiring book recently called The Go Giver that states an important principle: Your true value is determined by how much more you give than what you are compensated for. What a concept.

Professional Skills

  • Project Management – Manage People, Dates & Deadlines
  • Account Management – Build & Maintain Relationships
  • Event Coordination – Planning, Coordination &  Execution
  • Process Development – Make Simple from the Complex
  • Public Speaking – Training or Presentation

Creative  Skills

  • Copywriting – Marketing, PR & Technical
  • Design & Layout – Print, Web, Interactive
  • Art Direction – Manage People & the Creative Process
  • Manufacturing –  Ensure Quality Products

Technical Skills

  • Research & Assessment – Determine the Best Solution
  • Usability & Testing – Product Improvement
  • Installation & Service – Front Line Technical Support

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I have many hobbies including riding cruiser bikes, playing soccer, gardening, the 1980’s, old BMWs, vintage audio, thrift shopping and frisky felines – but only the cool cats, Dig.