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CapTex Cruisers & Pura Coco

My favorite local bike club, the Cap Tex Cruisers recently partnered with a local beverage company, Pura Coco for some cross-market promotions using social media and in-person ride outs. Pura Coco is a local coconut water manufacturer focusing on sustainability and great taste – available at Thom’s and Central Market in Austin at this time.

Because of my background and interest in cruiser bikes, I get to work on some of the creative for Cap Tex and their promotional endeavors. We recently put together a run of logo Trucker caps for member purchase. Now………there is a BIG difference in making a FREE gimme cap and making a promotional item people will purchase with their own bread $$$. You need to know the market, pick a good item and appropriate quality level – and that’s before anything’s actually been made. After identifying the right cap, we mocked up the colors and went to sew out – this is the interesting part.

Unlike silkscreen, heat transfer, or new direct to press methods, making embroidery look and work on fabric is truly an art form. The ‘digitizer’ is a human who looks at the artwork and subjectively decides how the machine should layout the thread for a nice looking finished product. For Cap Tex, this process took 5 different ‘sew-outs’, which represents a test product and trip back to the digitizer each time until everyone is happy.

I’m really pleased with the look of the puffy bat, which REALLY catches the eye and adds just enough to make the cap truly unique and desirable. This 3D effect is produced by sewing a thin layer of foam under the desired shapes and cannot be used on everything.

The finished apparel presents as a simple, elegant and high-quality piece of apparel that members are proud to wear – Mission Accomplished. They came in just in time for the Ramsey Pre-Roll and some promo shots with the new Sponsor.

If you are jones’n for some CapTex gear, go find them on Facebook and watch for a store launch soon.

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Natco Custom Woodwork

If I hadn’t pursued Graphic Design – Architecture and Industrial design were always my other academic passions. What I now realize, for me, is that MAKING THINGS provides reward and satisfaction like few other things in my life.

Tom, the owner of famous Austin Mexican Restaurant, Fonda San Miguel, decided to use the Covid 19 “Quarantine” period to revamp his aging bar space. I was fortunate to provide some labor on the project and see how something like this comes together.

Natco Custom Woodwork, together with a really good lighting designer – LITdESIGN – created an amazing new space for the visual focal point of the dining area. The restaurant REOPENS this Tuesday, June 23 if you want to check it out. It’s truly spectacular and I hope to see more of these projects up close in some capacity.

Stocking the Bar – Fonda San Miguel Mexican Cuisine

Natco has also been unusually busy with really killer office and mud-room built-ins for residential customers. With so many people transitioning to a work-at-home model, it’s a great investment. I might just get myself one. πŸ™‚


PLUM Marketing

Earlier this year I was hired to develop a completely new GUI for an existing web application that was in dire need of a revamp. The entire workflow was designed around tracking leads, reservations and attendance for in-person events driven by direct mail campaigns.

UX seems to be the the term du jour these days – it’s meant to include ALL elements of “The User Experience” (echoing voice) but it all comes down to Customer Service. SERIOUSLY. Think about it and get back to me.

And Yes, I’m a bit of a strange bird; I enjoy grouping, organizing and presenting information and designing way-finding in a visually appealing way that also provides meaningful functionality. In the olden’ days, before participation trophies and helicopter parents, we called it Information Architecture.

All layout, type, graphics & icons.

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512 Wheelie Crew

Early this year Freddy Fred of @CapTexCruisers hit me up for a logo for his new cycling club – The 512 Wheelie Crew of Austin, Texas, a part of the national #BikeLife movement. It could be described as a re-birth of BMX & Freestyle of the 1970/80s but on bigger wheels and a younger set riding wheelies for #Blocks and #Surfing handlebars on the asphalt waves. There are plenty of #Over40Pilots getting their #WheelUp as well. πŸ™‚

If you’re ever in central Texas on a Thursday or Sunday and some rambunctious riders cruise by on #OneWheel with #OneGear- make sure and tag the @512WheelieCrew of Austin Texas. #SEBikes #BikesBringBonds #OneSpeedIsAllYouNeed

Taking into account the usual ID considerations like simplicity, memorability and uniqueness, this logo would be plastered all over urban areas and surfaces, so something familiar (Texas flag/colors) and the State Capital silhouette (another one, puleeze) with an urban style (Graffiti font) would fit right in.

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Majestic Selfie Contest

I recently partnered with Bodybuilding / Sports Physique photographer James Allen to develop an eye-catching poster to help him expand services beyond photography. You can imagine how hard it is to “catch eyes” at a body building contest, but this idea works – don’t ya think? MARKETING RULE #1: Never forget your audience. Bazinga! πŸ™‚

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Ashling House

In this Logo progression for a Child Placing / Adoption agency, “Ashling” has an Irish origin meaning – dream or vision. Along with a traditional depiction of the Irish Tree of Life, it is to evoke a sense of safety and provision for struggling children & families, while staying true to the heritage and vision of the agency’s founding.

Logo / ID Social Services

The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

Logo/Identity Designs for Child & Family Advocacy Group in Texas. If you’re old enough to remember, the first one is a copy of a famous Texas campaign about littering. That option was just for fun, but it expresses the same determination and strong-will that the client was looking for πŸ™‚

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In a Galaxy Near You

We TOW, you GO! Galaxy Towables is your EASY ADVENTURE partner!  We provide a clean, comfortable and cool recreational trailer to your pre-reserved slip, slot or spot at your favorite camping and glamping locations in Central Texas. When you are done, you lock up, take off and we take it from there.

Our fleet of VINTAGE towables are all fully restored Airstream, Play-mor, and Nomad campers that sleep 3 to 10 adults – depending on the exact model reserved. But what makes GALAXY truly out of this world are our THEMED TRAILERS. Compliment your trip out of town with a trip back in time! Our Favorite Themes include:

  • Marilyn – Old Elegant Hollywood
  • Duke – Spaghetti Western
  • Steve (SRV) – Austin Music Scene

Only GALAXY Towables helps you make memories with your date, spouse, family or friends in a such a fun and unique way.  We know you have lots of questions. Call or email TODAY and we’ll be glad to help you get setup!  We Tow You Go!

Logo, Branding, Business Card and Ad Copy for cool new central Texas venture – Galaxy Towables! Brochure & Fliers coming soon. πŸ™‚

Fun Logo / ID Promotional

Good Karma K9Z

Another FUN project with my Dad and things keep getting better. Karma is now retired and his dogs no longer compete for titles and trophies, but if you’re lucky enough to catch his entertainment group at a halftime show or local county fair, you will be impressed with wall climbing, ball walking, tightropes, high jumps and of course, freestyle frisbee. Every once in a while I get to travel and help him perform, but my favorite part is making a tough ol’ redneck and Good Karma K9Z look better than his competitors. πŸ™‚

I also helped him prepare for his annual trade show, create a lead generation strategy and put together details like sign up sheets, email blasts and follow up letters for his hottest leads. He was able to hit his target of bookings for the year with 2 months of the conference. πŸ™‚

All concept, copy writing, creative and production. – Borrowing some elements from Karma The Flying Pit Bull’s identity, we gave respect to her past and built a new future for the whole pack.

2019 Promo Video by A1 Studios
Print Promotional

Cru Wine Bar Welcome’s Frog’s Leap Winery

Frankly, the most enjoyable projects involve helping someone I care about. My brother-in-law called me on Friday as a last ditch effort to produce  a quick poster for one of his clients at The Domain. We got this poster finalized the next day and I got a few bottles of good vino in trade. Good deal all around I’d say.

Fun Photography Promotional

Holy Makerel – It’s King Daddy!

Holy Mackerel
How do you pronounce CARIBBEAN?

I really dig how the simple packaging perfectly compliments the loud colors and crown logo for the King Daddy brand. Yes, it’s a Caribbean product, and no, I didn’t design the packaging, I just photographed it. Nice picture, eh?

I helped them with a rack card as well, which was the ONLY piece of literature they needed to conduct HUGE amounts of international commodity sales – super new to me at the time. Marketing (lead generation) to other areas of the world is an interesting experience.

All we had to do is use the word FREE in all caps and we had a line around the building. This is actually still true at Wal-mart in the USA.

RACK CARD – King Daddy is the Cool Brand – Only for the Coolest – Ya mon!

Fun Student Work

Blast From the Past

I was digging through some old archives and dug up some various pieces from my student portfolio. Never mind what they were for – just some interesting visuals to consider. Throughout the centuries, art has always reflected the current religious, economical and political happenings. I have to wonder – what the heck was on my mind!?

News Promotional Social Services

Pathways Hall of Heroes

From 2007 -2012, hundreds of businesses and individuals poured gifts into the foster care population in Texas. At Pathways Youth & Family Services, we took responsibility in recognizing these generous contributions in creating the Hall of Heroes program. Presented here are some tidbits from those years. This great work would not get done without a generous community.

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Karma the Flyin’ Pit Bull

Karma the Flyin Pit Bull

You know, it’s always good to have a mechanic in the family – but my Dad thinks it’s better to have an artist as a son. I recently worked out a little piece for Karma, his globetrotting disc dog. She now has her own custom disc to shame the other dogs during competitions – kinda like Jordan with his first shoe – look out Nike!


Billboards for CCTX

Late in 2007 I was contracted for some work byΒ Celebration ChurchΒ in Georgetown. In addition to launching a web site and producing several literature pieces, I did more than 25 compositions for a billboard campaign. Here is a sampling of my favorite ones.